About Candela La Brea

Candela La Brea is a space to hold events of any kind, be they weddings, corporate events, private events or mitzvahs. They have the best lounges at them most reasonable prices and are situated in South La Brea Ave, Los Angeles.


Candela La Brea was a place, popularly known as the “Mexican Night Cub”, however, the place now offers a full-service venue. Their trademark is their art deco décor, which makes one of the reasons why their space offers the best lounges.

Being of Mexican origins, space has been owned by the Lopez family for quite a long time and the current generation sought to revamp the whole structure of what it stood for. Now they don’t just offer a quick Mexican food fix; they also offer a whole slew of other services which they did by transforming the space into the absolute possible best lounges.

The family has given the venue a cleaner, traditional and more sophisticated appearance, offering the best lounges, and making the establishment perfect for any kind of big event.

Best Lounges Catering And Holding Spaces

best lounges

best lounges

They offer full and complete catering with their traditional Mexican cuisine and one can have whatever they would like – whether it is simple, casual taco bars, formal dining or tray passing services. They have the best lounges that can fit hundreds of people at a time and a person may choose whichever one they might need for their event be they any music event, product showcasing or wedding event. A customer may choose from the three available lounges or the patio.

Best Lounges Location And Setup

The venue is located in Los Angeles, California and is close to hotels, churches and is basically accessible to anyone living in or near Los Angeles. Out of town party guests are also very easily accommodated. The venue, with the absolute best lounges, also collaborates with other party venues to ensure a complete, personalized experience.

Best Lounges Further Services

The best lounges offer the best services – unlike many other affordable party venue spaces, Candela La Brea has a gigantic range and variety of decorations to choose from. One can have any theme or style decorations they would prefer such as a Nike themed mitzvah they once hosted. Apart from customized decorations they also allow customers to bring their own decorations so that they can happily and comfortably personalize and enjoy their event.

best lounges

best lounges

Best Lounges Why Choose Candela La Brea?

The answer to that is simple – not every party venue offers the kind of customizability and affordability Candela La Brea does. As such, it has also been host to a multitude of high-profile events for high-profile companies, such as SpaceX and ColorPop. Furthermore, customers get to taste authentic Mexican cuisine. In their package, they also include clean up, set up, event planning, lighting, sound, and a bridal suite in case of a wedding. Event planners can be consulted to ensure that one’s dream party can be held within the budget. So the answer becomes obvious – why not the best lounges for the best of events?